Commit Industries

Commit Industries Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 2008, has been supplying metallised yarn to the textile, knitted fabrics and embroidered finery industry. The company’s products are now exported to countries in Africa, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

The advanced technology that Commit uses has resulted in yarns with a superior finish that is much sought after by its discerning clientèle. Our commitment to quality and innovation offers an obvious advantage in terms of greater work efficiency, a rich variety of products, and elimination of knots and yarn breakage during weaving and knitting operations. The product range has been steadily expanded to include all the popular speciality yarns. The yarns are manufactured in a state-of-art facility located at Umergam – Gujarat, a place that is conveniently located close to India’s financial capital, Mumbai.

Recently we have taken a bold step and ventured into the realm of manufacturing lacquer coated films. We have decided to start a new factory which will manufacture coated films, the raw material for our metallic yarn. Along with coated films, we are also planning to manufacture polyester yarn which is the core yarn used for all our metallic yarn products. Thus, both the coated film and the polyester yarn projects are in line with our dream of complete backward integration for our flagship product – metallic yarn.

The Commit product range encompasses metallised, non-metallised transparent, iridescent and antique yarns and includes super soft types for next-to-the-skin applications. For more information, please visit our site