Commit has launched a forum of all past employees who have exited gracefully to other organizations. These employees were true-blue Commitians, as evidenced by the fact that when with us, they worked diligently and were totally committed to achieving the organization’s goals.
Commit, on its part, fully reciprocated this healthy passion, by ensuring swift career progression and development of employees to their full potential. Here we present a few testimonials from our Ex-Commitians about their ‘Commit’ experience.

Darsana KS

It was a great experience to work at Commit. Mr. Narssimhan Sir, the CEO of Commit provided full support to me. He was always there to guide and solve all work related
queries. I was really happy to have such a boss/mentor as he took time to see the
materials I worked on and provided me feedback that really helped me to do better. He
never forgot to appreciate good work also. Through Commit I got a rich experience of
technical writing.

Rajarshi Deka

My journey with Commit was like a transition phase for me. Starting my career as a
fresher, I was really very fortunate and thankful to both Narsi Sir and George Sir for
believing in me and guiding me on how to manage an end-to-end documentation project all on my own.

At times, it became quite an overwhelming and challenging task but after all these years when I look back, not only did it help me professionally but made me a better
version of myself. Working with Commit taught me some of the most valuable lessons in
life. Lessons of integrity, honesty, loyalty, love which might have been the reason it
became very difficult to part ways with this company.

Although it was with a heavy heart that I had to leave Commit because of some personal family reasons but I shall always pray that I get another chance to be a part of this wonderful family again somewhere down the line in my life.

No matter where I go and what happens to me, this Young Padawan shall always miss his Luke Skywalker [Narsi Sir will get it :)] and pray that the Force shall always remain strong with Commit.


Nishant Dixit

Working at Tata Power SED, Mumbai as a Commit resource was a nice experience. You
get your own space and time to implement new solutions to work out problems. Relationship b/w the company and the employee is not defined strictly by business and you find yourself in a comfortable space that helps you strike a balance between your work and personal life.
You also get to know how to deal with work at client’s place. I had quite a satisfactory five year tenure at Commit. I wish success and prosperity to Commit in future.


Chaitra Rao

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work with Commit Technologies. When I say this, I really mean it that you were more like a close-knit family than colleagues.

I will always cherish the light moments I have shared with the Commit team and appreciate how the team was always be willing to help out during challenging times at the client site.

A special thanks to Narssimhan Sir and Sudeep for their help and support. I would like to wish you the very best is life and may all your dreams come true.


Brijesh Nambiar

Year 2003! I was in Mumbai on a personal visit and happened to meet George, in Malad, at a common friends place. George was working with Commit, then, and joined just a year back. They were recruiting and he thought that since I was in Mumbai on a job hunt, spoke about the requirement they had in Commit. Out of curiosity I asked him what the profile was all about and he mentioned this is for Technical Writers for the IT sector.

George!!! IT sector, NO WAYS!!! Coding, programming, C…C++, Java, dot-net…No ways George….These are all Greek and Latin to me and you expect me to be a writer in this industry – Believe it or not but this was my first reaction to him. He was slightly surprised at this reaction, but then he called me again the next day and asked me to meet him once, so that he can at least explain what it takes to be a Technical Writer. He was confident that I can make a mark in this field and even more confident since he had known me from our school days. We studied in the same school and he was 4 years senior to me.

The next day we met at Goregaon (West), in a hotel, right in front of the station.

This is where my journey with Commit started – in front of Goregaon station in a small restaurant with the typical Mumbai chaos around and sipping on some cool limbu paani (fresh lime water) on a hot and humid day in – Amchi Mumbai. 🙂

George asked me to come to Thane – Hiranandani the next day itself to meet Mr. Narssimhan. My journey to Thane was not very comforting since the name Narssimhan sounded like a senior person who would not be easy to meet for an interview and convince ;). I went – met Mr. Narssimhan – received the offer letter – and I accepted – all this in happened on the same day!! This whole process of meeting George at Goregaon – traveling to Thane for the interview – meeting with Mr. Narssimhan all just happened in a flash.

The journey with Commit – that started from Goregaon to Thane, went on for 10 long years! And what a beautiful journey it was! From Mumbai to Delhi – Bengaluru – Chennai – Pune – Italy – Germany – US….Phew! At Commit, I would have been that one very fortunate person to have had the opportunity to travel across and work in almost all the locations that Commit had their clients.

It was a wonderful journey with loads of memories to cherish and learnings to take away. George remained George for me as he was from my childhood days while Mr. Narssimhan changed to Narsi Sir. Both of them, true gurus and mentors. Working under Narsi (always a Sir to me) was one of the best learning experiences anybody can get. For me he was not just a CEO or a boss at Commit but also a very good friend. Most of the journeys that I have had at Commit was accompanied by Narsi and we have had a wonderful time working together towards achieving the common goal – which was to make Commit a world class documentation service provider and an organisation that people would thrive on.

Though George and Narsi were instrumental in introducing me to Technical Writing and Commit but the journey that I had for 10 years wouldn’t have been possible without the team @ Commit. While Narsi, George, Sudhir and I were busy building business and relationships across regions – Zaks, Kannan, Vinita, Vinod Poojary ensured status quo in Mumbai and Andy, Abdul, Anjeleena, Vinod George, Rupesh, did the same in Bangalore and ensured that the quality of deliverables and client satisfaction were never compromised.

They were ably supported by the rest of our team members in Mumbai and Bangalore. While our documentation services in the IT sector was making its mark it was a turning point for us to have initiated documentation services to the Engineering and Defence sector. Thanks to Nitin (Talele) who played a vital role in helping us grow in this area of business. I have known Nitin since my school days and to have met him accidentally in Pune was truly a blessing in disguise for me and Commit.

I would sincerely thank each and every team member that I have had an opportunity to work with at Commit. Had it not been for such a wonderful team my journey with Commit would not have been so successful and memorable.

Thank you Commit and Team Commit for providing me this wonderful and memorable opportunity in life. A journey to cherish, with memories for a lifetime.

I truly believe in the saying; “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things!”

Also, as rightly quoted by Charles Bukowski – “Some moments are nice, some are nicer, and some are even worth writing about”….and that’s what I just did! 🙂 May the Force be with Commit!


Prem Kumar

Commit has been the best experience in my career so far. The learning I have gained here has been immensely helpful and has laid a foundation to my career as a Technical Writer.
The team and the colleagues here have also been extremely helpful and cooperative. I would like to make a special mention of the two most important people without whom my transition here wouldn’t have been smooth, i.e., George Sir and Narssimhan Sir for their unwavering support at all times. What I liked the most about them was their approachability and clarity in thought. I wish I could be here for a longer time, but because of the personal circumstances I am forced to leave. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to work for this wonderful organization.


Jignesh Parekh

I have worked with Commit Technologies for 6.5 years as a Design Engineer. It was a great experience to work with Commit, a fantastic journey and a great learning experience where I have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with each Commitian I have interacted.
Sincere thanks to Narssimhan Sir and my colleagues for their support and guidance to excel in my career. I am also very thankful to Nitin Talele & Brijesh Sir who were there to guide me through the journey. And a very Big “Thank You” to all my friends with whom I have spent wonderful moments, that would last a lifetime.


Amit Harkare

My journey as a technical writer started in 2005 when I joined Commit. I still remember the day when I was told to go to my first client site, Aurionpro Solutions. I was completely blank (as far as technical writing was concerned) and there were apprehensions and doubts in my mind. I was hesitant about directly getting deputed at a client location, as I had no experience in client interaction or technical writing. But seniors at Commit assured me that all the technical writing support will be provided. And true to their words, I received the required training and guidance from Sudhir Padmashali, Brijesh Nambiar, and Vinod Poojari.

Thus, began my journey as a technical writer. Working with Commit had its ups and downs, nevertheless learning was a constant. My next assignment was with Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS) earlier iFlex Solutions. The team bonding at OFSS was effortless and that resulted in I gaining lifetime friends. I would like to thank Shweta Srinivasan, Shweta Katdare, Cedric Dias, Ritu Mishra, Rajeshwari Thevar, Shiji Nair, Shwetali Deshpande and others without whom my time at OFSS would have been quite different.

At OFSS we faced new challenges everyday. Narssimhan Sir was with us at every step. Another person who helped us was Srilatha Ravi from OFSS. She made a deep impact on our working style and introduced us to process driven documentation. Thank you ma’am for your support!

After Srilatha Ravi ma’am the name which comes to my mind is Venugopal Thanthoni. He went to great lengths to help the documentation team and impart his banking knowledge with his never ending zeal. Thank you for your support Sir!

My time at OFSS helped me evolve as a technical writer as well as a person. This would not have happened without support and trust of one person “Narssimhan Kannan”; a BIG THANK YOU to you sir!


Rupesh Kulapuram

I had two innings with Commit, the second stint spanning over six years. Hence, if I have to write something about Commit, I would rather end up writing pages.

To keep it short and simple, let me just say that I had always enjoyed working at Commit. Commit is like a family to me. Commit had always taught me about quality, sincerity and commitment. I was not surprised when, even in my last project, the onus was given on the quality of the project. This is what Commit stand for, which always goes a step ahead in delivering quality, starting from my very first project.

Commit helped me grow over the years. It taught me about technical writing and the various tools involved, also giving me the opportunity to use the knowledge gained in various projects. Also, I had the invaluable opportunity to work under great leaders, such as, Brijesh, George sir, Kannan and now Narsi sir, who had always guided me with their kind support. A special note on my ex-colleagues, such as, Vinoo Titus, Priyanka Sambrani etc. and the present colleagues (cannot name any, as they are all equally talented). Its always been a pleasure working with them.

I bid adieu by thanking Commit for making me what I’m today. I wish it the very best and wish it God speed for its future endeavors.


Vinoo Titus

Looking back thinking of the days I was passionate for a Technical Writing job, and now in a place where I am – gives me a sense of pride. It’s been 5 long years, yes and I can still remember every day of my life at Commit. The first time I was Interviewed and then to my joining date and the growth I have achieved is all memories that would remain forever.

Working with the stalwarts of Commit were the best days of my life. The support and guidance received from Brijesh, Narssimhan has lead me to a new level in my career.

Commit would always remain a place which has enhanced my skills and domain knowledge in Engineering, Software, Healthcare and E-Learning.

As the saying goes “Professionalism and family can be described as the two sides of the same coin as both are equally important in one’s life”, this is one place where I have achieved these. Lots of memories, freedom to express, confidence, satisfaction and a will to overcome failures is what I have profited at Commit.

I leave with these words “Commit will always remain in my heart forever”. Every moment is still fresh in me. Wishing Commit every success in its path to reach its Goal.


Dipika Pawar

Technical writers are those who create something out of nothing. And I will just say thanks to you Sir for giving me such a great opportunity to work with Commit. I have learnt new technologies here and because of this opportunity I posses a good knowledge of technical writing :-Ptools. Commit is like my second home.


Priyanka Sambrani

Working at Commit is like being with your family. We Commitians do not meet often but, always bonded together. As the name says, Commit always respects commitment. There is no compromise in the quality standards. Since I joined Commit, I have learnt many things. I am very thankful for this organization who believed in me and gave me this opportunity.


Mukti Kapadia

I would recommend every technical writer to work at least once with Commit in their lifetime.


Shweta Prabhakar

My first interaction with Commit was a telephonic interview with Brijesh. From that moment on, I knew that this is one company I would love to be a part of. I have given quite a few interviews with various companies in the past, but there were very few Managers who have made me feel comfortable in the first interaction. I felt quite confident in answering the questions and by the end of the call I couldn’t wait to start off.

I am among the few lucky ones who got a chance to work on four different projects in a year, since all these projects were of a short duration. In a short span I got a varied experience in different domains like retail, education and software. I was lucky as a fresher.

My interactions with Brijesh have always made me feel a part of the Commit family and he always had solutions to my problems. Whether challenges faced at work on writing, or with the client, he, I don’t know how, had solutions to all problems.

My team lead provided space, freedom to make decisions – and support those decisions. He was never like a team lead to me. A man with few words did marvels at work.


Vimala Panikar

My stints at Commit—I joined Commit not once, but twice—were serendipitous. I’ve always liked this last word. And, of course, reading. So an affinity for words led me to join the editorial team at Commit, first in 2002, when I was just about vaguely aware what Technical Writing was and had no idea what an editor’s role involved. In that sense, Commit was a learning ground, where I not only learnt the intricacies of the language, but also gained some insight into geekspeak, style guides and all.

Other commitments cut short that stint, but when I next joined in 2008, I was happy to see that although the organization had grown, the work environment was unchanged. The rules were flexible, and all that mattered was quality of work. The work-from-home policy was helpful and enabled me to do justice to both work and personal matters. I was encouraged to move out of my comfort zone and try new roles and was always suitably mentored to make it work. As part of some great teams, I got to interact with and learn from my intelligent colleagues. Thank you my friends and colleagues for all the encouragement and support. Well, times change and priorities change, and it was time to move into another role. But hey, like that guy said, “Never say never again.”


Bharat Rajpal

I was associated with Commit for one and half year – the period of my career that I cherish the most. Commit laid the foundation stone of my technical writing career. I and probably many others joined Commit with no background knowledge about technical writing and other aspects of end-user documentation. It was for the passion of senior members and management at Commit that I have a technical writing career.

The word ‘Commitment’ is in the DNA of the organization, and all Commitians by de-facto inherit it. Commit truly has an open door policy. Though co-located at different locations, members were always ready to extend their support to others. Trainings were thoroughly attended, and at times even the mentors were students – indicates the openness and dedication to continuous learning and evolving.

Thanks to all this and the trust endowed in me by Narsi sir, Brijesh sir, Vimala madam, Zakirah madam and Prasoon, I grew professionally and personally. I’m grateful to all members @ Commit for their invaluable contribution in shaping my career.


George Abraham

When you look back in life, there are moments that stand out as critical turning points. Joining Commit was one life-changing decision. Commit is where I learnt technical writing, taught technical writing and built a team of technical writers under the guidance of Narsi (Mr. K. Narssimhan).

An informal introduction to Narsi during a Star Wars movie in Mumbai turned out to be the start of a dizzy ride that lasted over eight years. Feels like an entire lifetime.

Be it the initial days in Mumbai or the growing phase in Bangalore, Commit was a group of young, closely knit,  committed individuals with a sole aim of creating India’s best Technical Writing Company.

While Sudhir, myself, Zaks, Kannan and Brijesh set the foundation during initial days at Mumbai; Anjeleena, Andaleeb, Karthik, Abdul, Venkat and Vinod were the gems that drove the growth in Bangalore.

Though we may not have been able to take Commit to the dizzying heights we once dreamt, COMMIT is engraved on our hearts and minds forever.

May the FORCE be with COMMIT!!!


Rahul Karn

When I joined Commit, it was the time I needed a job that can shape my career and equip me to sustain in this fast growing and highly competitive market of technical communication, and within a few days it became clear that it was the perfect place I was looking for.

Commit has a great ability to see potential in people and put them in a place where they can succeed. A perfect combination of healthy environment, growth opportunity, productivity, and expandability make employees committed towards their work. I enjoyed every bit working here.

Helping clients like i-flex, Atos origin, Vistaar etc. achieve their business goals has provided me with valuable experience that I leverage each day and a skill set and expertise that has enabled me to be successful in taking on new projects.

Commit is derived by two word commitment and ethics; it sticks to it.Preethi Jathanna
I’m glad that I was given an opportunity to enhance my knowledge, skills and gain vast experience in the field of technical writing, while at Commit. I enjoyed interacting with my team members, superiors and other work colleagues and it has been a fruitful journey.

Though I chose to move on for personal reasons, I will always carry fond memories of Commit and cherish the lasting friendships I made there. I’m also thankful for Narsi’s continued guidance and support through my journey at Commit. I wish him and the company all the very best.


Shiji Nair

I started my career at Commit Technologies in the year 2007. Commit helped me groom myself from a fresher by giving exposure to work with MNC Company, Oracle. The team which I got there was really supportive in all aspects. With timely trainings and quality of colleagues it was easy to grasp things and overcome all the difficult schedules.

I look at Commit not as a company but as an institution, because the kind of training I received here was really good. Though I have changed my career path from technical writing to software testing, the learnings and exposure that I got from Commit has always helped me.

Apart from all these the picnics and outings we had along with Narsi sir are etched in my mind. Finally, I would like to thank Narsi sir for all his support and patience. He is a real mentor for all Commitians.


Rija Divakaran

If you need a change in your situation, you must be ready to do things differently. That is exactly what I had in mind when I got a chance to work with Commit. Totally a new field for me being from the science background. I was sceptical when I was told about what technical writing actually was all about, but thanks to George and the Commit team @ Bangalore who really helped me learn, it was a breeze. I had a great experience of working in a corporate environment and the help that I got from my Commit team was priceless. I am really happy to have worked with such a great team and company. The knowledge that I gained from Commit will always remain with me.


Karthik Kumar

After college, I was looking for an organization that understood the importance of supporting and investing in their people. When I found out that Commit had like-minded people to help me set and achieve my career goals, I was sold. Every day I had the opportunity to work with experienced and talented people across many industries in a working environment that emphasized teamwork and collaboration. The extent of collaboration at Commit was amazing. Working within a group of very talented, motivated individuals constantly reminded me of why I chose this job – to be challenged to stretch beyond my comfort zone. No day was exactly like the one before, and whatever new challenges I faced, I always knew that I could rely on willing colleagues ready to lend advice, share knowledge, and help me perform at my best. Whether it is developing myself by exploring and finding my passion or perfecting the skill sets one already has, Commit moulds each individual. I’ve learnt a lot about the business world, and myself, through my experiences at Commit. In a nutshell, it was believing, belonging, becoming, and finding myself at Commit.


Ishdeep Sahni

I am very grateful to Commit for enabling me to dream, outperform and exceed expectations on both personal and professional levels. I felt welcome from the moment I was interviewed by Mr. Narssimhan Kannan and things were only brighter and better thereafter. My transition into the organization was pretty smooth as my seniors made sure that I was well equipped to handle tasks that were assigned to me and I was guided with patience and clarity. I am very thankful for the trust and faith this empowering organization has shown in my ability to understand business requirements, outperform and deliver. Commit is in itself a pool of opportunities where one learns to participate via multiple roles in a dynamic and creatively blessed environment.


Andaleeb Wajid

Writers are desperate to enrich their experiences just so they may use it in some book at some point of time in their life. I had no idea that subconsciously this was what I was after when I applied for a job at Commit. I was going through plenty of personal upheaval and my family was very supportive and encouraged me to expand my horizons by taking up a job. I say this like it is a big deal but it was a big deal because in my family, no woman had ever stepped out of the house for a job.

I had zero work experience when I attended the interview with Mr. Narssimhan but he was courteous and charming (and rather desperate for a technical writer) and hired me right away. I was to be their first technical writer from the Bangalore team and it was a fact that made me feel quite thrilled.

What I liked about working at Commit was the flexibility they offered, not just in terms of working from home, but also what I would work on. With a Masters in English Literature, I wasn’t inclined or equipped to handle extreme technical matters but that soon changed when the content department became active.

I made plenty of friends while at Commit and these friends have continued to stay in touch with me over the years. Some of the best times of our lives were indeed when all of us were newbies and had no idea how the world worked. Commit was a stepping stone for many of my friends and colleagues and I was sad to see many of them leave for greener pastures. I too left after four years and then a year later, I completely quit working so I could concentrate on writing my books. Working at Commit certainly widened the window of my experiences of life and the world at large and these experiences are invaluable for a writer. I drew upon my experiences as a technical writer while writing my book, The Big 3-Ohh!! which is yet to be published. For this and everything else, I’m really thankful to Commit.

A quick word about Mr. Narssimhan – he will always be ‘sir’ to me, despite being just a few years older than me. I regard him as a mentor, friend and older brother and someone who encouraged me to continue with a particularly nasty client, back when I was raw and inexperienced. I will always remember him for his support and help that he offered, both as a friend and as my boss.


Parag Jawale

The name ‘Commit’ worked for me i.e. I understood the word ‘Commit’ practically. Thinking one step ahead, we (tech writers) work for the management which takes care of the client by ‘committing’ to the projects. If I commit to deliver better, I’m easing management (which can help get more clients), which will help me ‘ask’ for my appraisals. I understood that if each employee (including management staff) does their work diligently – company and people are bound to grow.

I learnt that major time of our life is spent at work i.e. 9 to ‘n’ – needless to say ‘n’ is never defined (no pun (need to be) intended). It’s simple maths; the way we live/feel at workplace defines our quality of life. Hence the top most priority for any working person should be, making their workplace life better – automatically your life is more easy and comfortable.

From our core being we all know that we make excuses and play the (easier) blame game but it takes courage and great mindset to take responsibility and work on it. Commit provided that ground and helped me to instill this mindset. Responsibility here means first starting with oneself and then taking others along.

I will touch upon some points mentioned below:

Professionalism Vs Friendliness: By working in service industry at various clients, I learnt the art of ‘being’ professional. There is a thin line between Professionalism and Friendliness, which can never be defined- it has to be learnt. Professionalism and Friendliness can be individually practiced but understanding the thin line comes by experience. But one has to understand that there exists such line because this helps us to ‘maintain’ professionalism.

Respect as a technical writer: As a technical writer, we cannot expect respect, unless we ourselves respect our work ourselves (Keeping in mind that every working person on this planet is hungry for ‘appreciation’). It’s more like Bournville –you don’t buy it (get it) you earn it!!!

Job hopping mentality: I would like to start by stating the fact that almost every employee in any company leaves the company or looks for a ‘change’ not for better opportunity (pay package), it’s the non-harmony with others which amplifies and results into such decisions. That’s a blunt truth, but truth is always blunt because we are not used to it. I won’t say my exit was on the same grounds because as I realized by doing this I’ll just be running from one post to another and facing the same circumstances. This contemplation led to the fact that life will put you in the same situation again & again until you learn and go beyond it, running away will not at all solve it. Hence I did the required analysis and now that I’ve learnt all the things (in this period) I was supposed to; I have taken this step of moving out. But I made sure that I’m not running away from any aspect that I can’t handle.

Sharing: One of the most important aspects that I learnt in my Tech writing career (which is universally applicable) is Sharing. Anything that accumulates – stinks; so does our knowledge. Knowledge if not shared is of very little, because that limits us from learning more. The more we share, the more we empty ourselves, the more we are open to learning more.

A million thanks for my Career Builder – Commit!!!


Venkat Karthik

My first project at Commit was to document a couple of guides for software used in a call centre. The project was given to me considering my previous tenure at the call centre. I could quickly understand the product (software); the time saved here was utilized in learning the basics of technical writing. I could not ask for a better start.

During my second year at Commit, I had the privilege of working with a team in which project management was at its best. The project management techniques have become a benchmark that I will always aim to achieve. The third year was an opportunity to do multi-tasking and that was acknowledged by my manager. From the fourth year onwards, I was also interacting with the management of Commit – I witnessed the courage of entrepreneurs and their brilliance in managing complicated tasks. As the days progressed, it turned to be more exciting. There was rarely a dull day at work.

Many thanks to my colleagues, managers, editors and the management team of Commit for supporting me during those exciting and overwhelming days.

Commit has been special to me for many reasons, let me share at least two of those.

My six-year tenure at Commit has been the most consistent of my career till 2012.
My entry into Commit happened in the year 2005. I joined Commit and a sequence of favourable events followed and that too after years of unfavourable events. It’s human tendency to recollect good times. When I do that I will always recollect Commit.


Sumita Ray

I joined Commit in Feb 2007 as a fresher in technical writing domain, though I had other work experience. During the interview, I had agreed to relocate to Pune if the job required me to, but I didn’t expect this to happen within a month of my joining. But I am now happy that I have taken up the challenge to shift to Pune to work for a client of Commit. With this decision, I also got the opportunity to work with the two senior-most employees of Commit (Sudhir Padmashali and Zakirah Ataullah).

Commit has helped me to work on my weaknesses and improve my strengths. I have understood that as long as Technical Writers don’t work on a real-time project, they will not know to execute it, even though they might be skilled in using RoboHelp, Framemaker, etc. The best part of being in Commit is that you learn to survive in extreme conditions and at the same time, you learn all the skills required on the job front.

I would like to congratulate Commit for reaching what it is now and all those people who are the pillars for its success till now.


Abdul Jabbar

Andy, my sister, had recently got a job as a Technical Writer at a company called Commit. She suggested that I try out for a job there. So off I went, sent my resume to Mr. K.Narssimhan and was called for an interview in Bangalore.

I reached the place and was asked to wait in the lobby. In a while, Mr. K. Narssimhan arrived. He seemed pleasant and jovial, with a dark and prominent moustache adorning his upper lip. Hmm, I thought, Narssimhan, sounds like a Tamilian, but he is from Bombay, he could be a Maharashtrian. Maybe he was trying to emulate the Madras Policeman with his well-curled whiskers; at least his moustache gave that impression in its nascent stage.

‘Hi, you must be Abdul’, said Mr. Narssimhan.

‘Hello, nice to meet you’, I replied.

He sat down beside me and looked through the file I had brought – the file with my resume, certificates, and cuttings of two of my stories that were published in the local newspaper. He asked me a few questions on technical writing; with my rudimentary knowledge I endeavoured to answer him as best as I could, glad that I had gone through Commit’s website the day before at an Internet cafe. The interview seemed to be going well. I was feeling quite good. Then out popped Andy into the lobby and with a slightly exasperated look said,

‘Oh, there you are Brijesh, I need your help!’

‘Brijesh! Aren’t you Mr. Narssimhan?’ I exclaimed.

‘No, no, I’m Brijesh. Narsi Sir will be joining us shortly’, he said.

I looked tartly at Brijesh as I realised I had to go through the interview all over again. That was my first introduction to Commit. It was a good one. There have been so many memorable moments that it’s difficult to share just a few. I’m not exaggerating, but joining Commit was a life changing experience for me. It wasn’t so much about the company, but the people who made the company. Narsi Sir, Brijesh, Zaks the QA Queen – these were the people I interacted with initially, who have left an indelible mark on my life. I value their friendship a lot. I value what I learnt at Commit a lot. Narsi Sir in particular; he wasn’t just a boss – he is my friend, mentor, and guide [I guide him as well :)].

As Commit grew in Bangalore, the number of colleagues grew, but also the number of friends I had. We were a family that lived and worked those 8 – 10 hours a day together [more like 12 – 14 but only when there was an urgent deadline :)]. In life things change and you need to change with that; it’s not always what you want to do, but what you have to do.

Be that as it may, some things will never change.


Ketan Sevekari

Commit gave me the opportunity I was looking for. It was a life saver for a person looking for freedom. I learnt a lot of things at Commit. As a technical writer, I was mentored with a great team, and learnt the initial ropes of technical writing and corporate communication. It gave me the confidence I always wanted and the zeal to move ahead one step at a time.

The work culture at Commit is unlike any other I have seen till date. Not even once have I felt that there is a hierarchy of any kind, be it for taking decisions or for any kind of escalation. Commit gives you the freedom to work as you please right from day one, of course by keeping a close watch on your efforts and guiding you as you go ahead. But yes, you are free to work on your own. Commit believes in empowering you right from the start. Commit provides a host of opportunities and experiences that you will find difficult to get anywhere else so easily. Being in Commit, you get to don a number of hats, irrespective of what your actual role is. I got to start as a writer and manage a project very early after my induction.

Commit is like a big family and you are actually treated as a family member. Right from the CEO to the top management, every one cares for you and everyone guides you. Commit is not only there for all your professional and career needs, but also for your personal and spiritual needs as well. And this guiding spirit is present in all, from the CEO to the writer working at Commit. The CEO himself is an ardent businessman, mentor, and a Zen master.

Commit doesn’t believe in creating problems for anyone but believes in finding solutions for all problems. One can definitely experience a positive energy in Commit and Commitians. Commit has an envious treasure in the form of knowledge of various technical writing techniques, methodologies, styles, and tools. This knowledge has been gathered through a decade of being active in the industry and competing healthily, to provide quality and timely documentation services. Commit, as a company, is tremendously flexible while deploying resources, both from the client as well as the employee’s perspective. There is a fast turnaround of projects and people and it is ensured that the right person is doing the right job. This satisfies both the client and the employee.


Vamsi Nori

The words Commit and Technical Documentation are synonymous for me, because Commit is where I came to know of a professional stream known as Technical Writing. Prior to that, for a good part of five years, I was into writing, penning proposals, business cases, project reports, and training material. I always assumed that the writing was an unsaid requirement that came along with my job. Even in my wildest dreams, I could never imagine that there is a bunch of people out there who specialize in this. So the first thing that Commit gave me was a sense of pride in what I was good at. I realized that there aren’t many people around who can confidently put pen on paper. And I felt blessed to be one amongst them. I still had my doubts and it was George who made me feel that I should make it in this field. In a way, the exuberance he displays rubbed off on to me and I knew that I had made the right choice.

With Commit, it’s not only about doing some quality work and about getting great support, it’s also about opportunities that could come our way and the way Commit encourages us to grab them. If my present job (through Commit) had not come my way and I had stayed with Commit, I can for sure say that I wouldn’t have been short of any sort of professional experience and growth. The few months I spent with Commit, 11 ½ months precisely, showed me a gamut of opportunities that I did not have in my previous five years of professional life, maybe. Commit happened to me by chance, but I will cherish my association with it for a lifetime.

The only thing that I felt was lacking was the people element in Commit. The kind of business model that Commit follows leaves little scope for developing personal relationships. Perhaps if I had spent more time with the company this would have happened, but now, my relationship with Commitians feels a bit incomplete as I didn’t get to know most of my colleagues. Despite that, there is very little that you can point out and hold against the organization. And its future is in some amazing hands.

To summarize, working with Commit makes us war-ready – we never know when the client will call. We are the face of the company for the client, we learn to become more responsible, and we are the de-facto business development manager for the company. Commit can make us an all-rounder. It’s up to us if we want to become one. Commit may be a Documentation company, but we end up learning much more than mere documentation skills.


Cedric Dias

I had six months experience as a Technical Writer, prior to joining Commit (Mumbai) in May 2006. However, there was a big difference in the sense that in my previous firm, I had no interaction with clients, as I had only worked on off-line projects.

Within two months of joining Commit, I got the chance to go on an on-site project and that too to China. The communication with clients, meeting their expectations, and adjusting to a different culture, albeit for a short time, was really a good experience for me. With seniors such as George Abraham and Abdul Jabbar guiding and advising me, I guess I had the perfect start in Commit.

Commit really gives more importance to writing skills, as adapting to changing documentation tools can always happen in due course. Just after this China project ended, I got a chance to go to Pune for a period of six months. This was also a learning experience as I was all by myself from Commit at this client site. I really got good support from the client’s employees and my senior from Commit, Sudhir Padmashali, who was working on a different project in Pune. Personally, I went through a rough patch as I lost my dad during this period. However, my colleagues at the workplace and seniors at Commit were there for me during this period.

After this project got over, I came back to Mumbai and worked on a project for one year. The largest on-site documentation team from Commit worked on this project. I am really thankful to Shweta Katdare, Shweta Srinivasan, Amit Harkare and my other colleagues who were part of this team. It was really an enjoyable experience every day at work. We did not realize that we worked at a client site, with such a big technical writing team.

Finally I want to thank Mr. K. Narssimhan, who has understood my concerns at every phase. I was there with Commit for a period of almost two years. Every person has to move ahead in life, and I am really thankful to Commit for making my journey pleasant.