Our Team

The backbone of Commit is comprised of an eclectic mix of people who are passionate about their work and charged with a mission to make Commit the best in every way they can. The professional range varies from Physics graduates to post – graduate degrees in Export Management, but the common denominator that sets them apart is their level of commitment and the success they have brought to Commit.

K. Narssimhan

Narssimhan was the only employee in Commit when it started as a fledgling documentation services provider. However, it was his belief in people that led him to slowly take on talented, young freshers and turn them into sincere, committed employees.
He has gained experience in training, technical writing, hardware maintenance, software selling and software troubleshooting by providing services for various Indian companies.
He has worked with leading companies like Rabobank International, Oracle, Viteos, MphasiS, Roamware, Philips, Reliance Industries, Tata Power SED and Blue Star Infotech as a Senior Technical Writer / Project Manager.
He is a graduate in Physics, holds post-graduate degrees in Ancient Indian Society, English Literature, and is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore.

Nishith Sheth

Nishith Sheth started his life from extremely humble origins as an Accounts Executive in a textile manufacturing firm, worked for a tire trading company in Kenya for a few years and then entered the metallic yarn business in 1999-2000. Starting from a manager, he rose to the position of the Director of the same company in a period of eight years.
He exhibits tremendous patience, has developed some great customer relationships and has created great goodwill in the yarn industry. He has risen to this position by his sheer hard-work, perseverance and his never-say-die attitude. In the year 2008, he co-founded Commit Industries Pvt. Ltd. A Commerce graduate, he is responsible for production, quality control and the development of new products in Commit Industries. As a co-director, he manages the finance for Commit Technologies.

Kamal Bhatia

Kamal Bhatia is the quintessential businessman. From his college days, he has always had the vision of creating a large business empire and he is certainly on his way of achieving that. Mr. Bhatia is a Commerce graduate and has a post-graduate degree in Export Management. He started out in 1992-93 by marketing writing instruments, moved to corporate gifting items and then finally started marketing paper products in various countries around the world. In this business, he started the manufacture and trade of Notebooks, Duplicate Books, Writing Pads, Registers, and many other types of paper based products used in schools, colleges and offices.
Later in 2002, he became involved in the manufacture of metallic yarn with Mr. Nishith Sheth. In 2008, he co-founded Commit Industries Pvt. Ltd. in which he amalgamated both the paper and metallic yarn businesses. The idea was to create a group of companies under the auspices of Commit.
Mr. Bhatia, a complete visionary, not only manages the overall affairs of the group, its strategy but also spends time in the development of new products, services and markets around the world. As a co-director, Mr. Bhatia advices Commit Technologies on key issues from time-to-time.