Our Services

Everything that we do revolves around a product. Your product. Our goal is to provide support services to surround your product so that you can focus on the product while we do the rest.

Documentation – The first thing your product needs is documentation. We offer a wide range of documentation services ranging from user manuals, installation guides, implementation guides and online help to help you with your customer facing documentation needs. This is also referred to as technical writing or technical communication.

Marketing Content – Once we have created the help, we need to create the marketing collateral so that you can go out there and sell the product. We help you with your marketing collateral by authoring product brochures, corporate profiles, marketing collateral, white papers, case studies and website content.

Training Content – This is the stage where you will need to create content for your customer and also for your own personnel so that they can implement the product and support it for years to come. We can do this using animation, e-learning courses or a complete set of training aggregates.

Quality Assurance – Once your product is ready, we offer to test your product and provide a detailed report on where it needs improvement. This ensures that the product is solid, robust and dependable.

Localisation –  If your product is being sold in multiple countries, you will need to translate it to other languages. We will do that for you. We can not only localise all your documentation, marketing collateral but also your product.

Web Presence – It is time for your product to have a separate and individual presence on the web. With a responsive site design and content coming from our other division, you are sure to have an impressive web identity for your product.

Digital Marketing – Once your web presence is created, we need to market the product on all the available digital channels. This is done through our digital marketing division.