Why Commit?

Service as Needed

Sometimes, hiring a certain number of employees at the beginning of the project may not be enough. If the need arises, you may have to go through the entire process of recruiting and training another team member midway through the product/project life-cycle. With Commit, you can be assured that you will get prompt service as well as the required resources, at all times. Depending on the service, we allocate the required resources to work on your project. If more resources are required to complete the work on time, then more can be allocated to the project without any delay.

Consistent Quality

If you are satisfied with your first experience with Commit, you can choose to hire the same team for future product / project revisions. This ensures quality, the same style and a certain comfort level as the team is already well acquainted with the product / project.


The average salary of any experienced team member ranges from Rs. 300K – Rs. 1000K. If the project work in your organization is not continuous, outsourcing is a profitable option as it prevents idling of resources. Moreover, think of all the money your organization can save on overhead costs.


Commit has the accumulated experience of writing manuals, content, creating e-learning modules, engineering designs and animations for a range of products and services for the past several years. Our rich and varied experience in all these segments would prove to be immensely useful to any prospective customer as you are not restricted or limited by the experience of one or a few individuals. You are tapping into the knowledge base of an entire organisation.