Commit forayed into animation by accident. One of our customers for whom we had been building many e-learning projects asked us if we could build some animations for their services. We started searching for partner companies who could help us. As fate would have it, the partner company quoted a price and when we got the order backed off from the commitment. This was not the first time this was happening to us. It had happened to us earlier in the engineering sector (documentation) and also in e-learning.

We had an order and no partner to execute it. This is when we decided to build the expertise ourselves. We were fortunate to be helped by one of our graphic designers who put together a small team overnight and delivered a product which was appreciated by the CEO of our customer. This initial success enthused us and helped us start animation as a serious business unit and service under Commit.
To build a great animation, we start by discussing with the customer about the story that we need to convey. Once the story is finalised, we start work on the storyboard. The storyboard is a scene-by-scene description and breakup of the complete story. The next step is to get the storyboard approved from the customer. This is the starting point for the animators. They visualise the scene with us and the customer. These visuals are then delivered in a rough format with some basic movements. Once the customer confirms that we are moving in the right direction, we go ahead and complete the entire story.