Contact Centre

Commit adds value to contact centre operations in UK

The Client

The client is a UK-based company which provides contact centre solutions. Its solutions are based on a proven product to address the key requirements of all contact centres The client is Committed towards ensuring that its technology meets the expectation of its clients. It offers a fully integrated suite of solutions which encompass all call centre requirements.

The Situation

The client developed an end-to-end solution for contact centres with key features like handling inbound, outbound, email and web contacts simultaneously, automatic inbound call distribution and queuing, progressive dialing agent scripting, real – time call and agent screen monitoring, campaign reporting, etc. It is a fully integrated solution which helps contact centres to manage costs, improve productivity and, most importantly, improve quality of interactions with their customers.

The client needed to communicate their product to different people, by bringing out the sensibilities of the developed product. In essence, they needed a strong documentation partner as a backup to aid their world class solution. To make their solutions more marketable and user-friendly, they needed to develop a good on-line help to complement their product. The challenge was to find a service provider who could reliably deliver world-class documentation within the prescribed deadline at a feasible cost.

Commit’s Expertise

With Commit’s entry, the documentation scene improved considerably. The client was satisfied and happy when Commit’s technical writing team delivered the on-line help within the stipulated time. There was stringent language analysis to ensure that there no quality issues popped up.

The most difficult aspect of this project for Commit was that the resources had to create the on-line help, based on voice files sent by the client from UK. The client provided the briefing regarding the application through these voice files, and the resources at Commit had to use them to construct the entire on-line help. This project went on to prove that irrespective of location and geographical boundaries, Commit can work relentlessly and with laudable versatility.

Benefits for the Client

The client now has world class documentation to augment its world class product. Our commitment to deliver the documentation on time allowed the client to market its product quickly resulting in quicker ROI.