Global IT Firm

Commit develops documentation for global IT solutions firm

The Client

The client is a leading global software product and solutions provider, with over 6,500 employees serving customers in more than 120 countries. Founded in 1979, the client has more than 25 years experience in developing software products for major industry-specific markets and combines in-depth understanding of customers’ industries, markets and needs with operational skills in product development and product and talent management. One of the largest and strongest vendors of industry-specific software products and solutions in the world, their customers are in the international banking, healthcare industries and the UK general insurance market.

The Situation

The client developed a functionally advanced risk solution, delivering proven measurement of key areas of exposure and risk, whilst supporting modern portfolio management practices. It is designed to bring together key aspects of risk from all parts of the financial institution to analyse a consolidated view of the organization’s risk.

The client was facing problems in coming up with an on-line help for the product. They wanted all the functionalities to be documented accurately, which was a tough task. They also wanted top-class authoring quality. Since the product was launched a while back, the client wanted an on-line help that would easily integrate into their application, and help users in smooth navigation.

Commit’s Expertise

Commit took up the challenge of documenting the functionally advanced risk solution. One of the main issues Commit faced was the understanding of the Risk platform. However, with the help of the developers who worked for the client, Commit documented the entire application in just 20 weeks, by employing four resources. The On-line Help was complete with Dashboard and customized design, for viewing pleasure and easy understanding.

Benefits for the Client

The client has benefited substantially by outsourcing the documentation work to Commit. The main advantages include improved documentation quality, reduced operating costs, better organization of content, timely delivery, and enhanced user acceptance.