IT Solutions

Commit streamlines documentation for leading IT solutions firm

The Client

The client is a renowned IT solutions provider, having its headquarters in the three major continents, N. America, Europe and Asia. The client services the IT market, offering solutions in Business Consulting, Packaged Software Implementation Support, Software Engineering and Business Process Outsourcing. The client also offers Global Outsourcing services targeted at several niche industries such as Insurance, Banking, Finance, Financial Accounting and CRM.

The Situation

One of the client’s key offering is a web-based PLM application, a contemporary Product Intelligence Software. With every build and version released, the documentation of the product also had to be on track. The client faced problems in updating the documentation, regardless of whether it was online help or user guides.

The client had also acquired a new product in January 2006, an industry-unique and powerful data search technology that would help the client to integrate the strengths of this product into their existing product line. The new product had minimal help files, with just a few Word documents for reference, a few screen shots for an installation guide, and no online help at all.

Commit’s Expertise

Commit took over the documentation in October 2004 and has become a strong documentation partner for the client. From maintaining and updating the original help documentation to creating new documentation from scratch on a variety of products for the client, Commit has done it all. Commit’s resourceful team of technical authors and project managers has been with the client from day one of their association. They have pro-actively worked with the client to iron out discrepancies in the documentation, making it very crisp and factual. At any point of time, Commit has a strong team of technical authors placed at the client location and has been instrumental in creating a solid documentation repository for the client.

Benefits for the Client

Commit’s initiative for maintaining the documentation for the client has relieved the client of various documentation related hassles. Due to Commit’s involvement, the client has top notch documentation for all its products. This naturally frees the client to focus on their core competencies and ensure that they can progress, unhindered.