Network Management

Commit delivers comprehensive documentation solutions for network management organization

The Client

The client is a Microsoft Certified partner, which provides top-notch solutions for Window Systems and Network Management. Their areas of application include Administration, Provisioning, Deployment, Operations, Security, Windows and UNIX Networks and SNMP managed equipment. The client develops solutions to facilitate problems encountered in the areas of Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) and to promote and support these solutions. Their proficiency lies in developing products that provide utmost customer satisfaction. These products have won them accolades and are used globally.

The Situation

The client has developed a vast range of products, which have been appreciated by their customers. Their list of offerings includes products that are designed to track events, track status, and other event and log-related products. The products are excellent and have been marketed successfully. The client however realized the need for exhaustive help guides and tutorials for these products, some of which were desktop applications and some which were web interfaces. The client understood that they were not equipped to write these guides, and that they needed the help of a qualified documentation partner who could write lucidly and effectively. For this they turned to Commit.

Commit’s Expertise

Commit’s involvement began right from day one, as soon as the formalities were sorted out. Our team of technical writers conferred with the client Project Managers and gathered all the requisite information about the different products. Commit worked with the client pro-actively to prepare the different help guides.

The project developed into a challenge as Commit was expected to develop all the manuals within a specified period. Commit was able to provide the client with the much needed Installation Guide, Uninstall Guide, Upgrade/Migration Guide, User Guide, Web help and Product Demo (Tutorials) well before the stipulated period.

Benefits for the Client

With Commit’s involvement as the documentation partner for the client, the documentation process was quickly and effectively set up and streamlined. Commit® was able to keep pace with the client’s prolific product list in creating and maintaining the required documents right on time. This meant that the client was able to focus in creating their applications as a sizeable portion of their headache – i.e. documentation was no longer a road block.