Engagement Models

At Commit, we pride ourselves on being the lowest risk provider of large-scale technical writing needs. Once you decide to hire us, we assign a Project Manager, who becomes your single point-of-contact for all communication with us. We also expect your company to designate a single contact person that Commit can reach, whenever information or guidance is needed. This method assures that we are always dealing with the same person, which minimizes confusion. We execute our services in two different engagement models and it is left to you to choose the method that best suits your business needs.

Fixed Price Engagement

We estimate the effort required to complete the technical writing needs and present a fixed price for the execution of the complete project.
Delivery and quality will be the complete responsibility of Commit. This is ideal for projects where the scope of the software and deliverables are fixed and are not subject to change. We involve a project manager to oversee the project, deploy a mix of technical writers, and deliver the documentation in the agreed time frame. The resources maybe deployed at the client site or at our premises, based on the urgency of the project and confidentiality.

Time & Material (T&M) Engagement

The client is billed based on our total effort and the number of resources deployed to complete the writing. No price estimation will be done initially; this is ideal for projects where the scope of the software and deliverables are not yet fixed and will be in constant flux. The execution of the project will be monitored by a project manager from Commit. Quality will be Commit’s responsibility, whereas delivery will be a shared responsibility.