Reference Material

During the last 20 odd years, we have come across extremely useful bits of information related to Technical Writing / Communication which we would like to share in this section. All copyrights are reserved by the original authors.

This section is aimed at being a place where technical writers can come and find useful reference material, all at one place. If you find something interesting which you think should be here, do write to us at

A Brief History of Communication

This is a beautiful animation on the beginnings of communication and how it has resulted in an almost explosion of communication in the last decade or so. Observe the part where communication using birds changes to fire to telegraph. Our thought was that before we share anything about the History of Technical Communication, we should share something about the History of Communication first. Enjoy!

History of Technical Communication

This is great presentation on the start and evolution of technical communication. Technical Communication has existed since the dawn of civilization, but organised technical communication is certainly a gift of the 21st century. This video is an extract from Cheeryleaf’s presentation at the STC Summit 2012, which included a brief history of technical communication.